Baby Classes


Jolly Babies

2mth - 12mth Interactive sensory classes for babies from approx 10 weeks to walking stage. Classes have been developed by an experienced Nursery Nurse and Psychiatric Nurse with the aim of stimulating all areas of learning. Classes are themed and are held in a wonderful bespoke environment with a sensory room and baby play facilities which are free to use before or after the class. Classes cost just £6.95 and £3 of this can be redeemed in the cafe on the day. 

Our Jolly Tots & Cookies classes work to support your child as they grow, learn and develop important skills in a unique, musical environment.


Lets Get Physical!

Our music and songs are developed to encourage babies to get their bodies moving. Muscle development and dynamic balance all help to get babies physical skills in good shape for the massive challenge of crawling and walking. Crawling is the first step in learning to read and write.

Puppets, Bubbles & More

Our huge range of finger and hand puppets are a regular feature of our classes and babies are captivated by them as we do some fun songs whilst they are tracking.  Eye and hand co-ordination is developed as they reach out to grasp the puppets or pop the bubbles.


Well Being

A happy baby who is loved and comforted becomes more secure and independent as he matures. Our range of music promotes bonding to nurture babies sense of well -being and contentment, and develops a love of music which will last a lifetime.



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