Play Area

At Jollytots & Cookies Play Café in Uddingston, the emphasis is on children from 0-6 having fun in a socially stimulating environment with their peers and carers.


The Café aims to encourage families in active play. For children to develop their motor skills, language, cognitive, turn taking and social skills in a fun and safe environment.


The Playspace has been designed to engage children’s imagination with a lot of hands-on play pieces and large apparatus. Enter the Castle walls to find a fun Fire station where children can climb up to reach the top before sliding back down to perform a rescue! Grab a helmet and they are good to go!

Following a busy day working as a firefighter it’s time to go home for lunch to Cookies Cottage with play food and pots and pans in the play kitchen.


Watch out for pirates docking to go pillage in the Castle. The Pirate ship is a great hit with the wee ones and their imagination runs riot looking for treasure through the telescope, whilst turning the ship’s wheel.


Our sensory room is designed to help stimulate our children. The Sensory room provides a safe environment where children can participate in a range of sensory activities with a good emphasis on sound and vision. Designed to look like a spaceship, The apparatus was mainly purchased from Rompa. It includes a bubble tube corner, fibre optic lights and touch/reward panels.


Young babies and toddlers love the Sensory Room too and are complemented in the area of the café known as the Garden Area by a selection of sensory panels and wonderful mirror with grab rails to promote pre-walking babies pulling to stand. There are also lots of push/pull toys to promote physical development.


Come join the fun and see for yourself what makes this unique play café different from typical Soft Play facilities.




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