Mascots & Princesses


“Once upon a time in a land of make believe a wish was made for the perfect Princess to join in making little children’s dreams come true.…”

If your child loves Princesses then allow Jollytots & Cookies to prepare a Royal Ball where a choice of special guest will arrive to lead the ball in music, song and dance.  With so many to choose from Jollytots & Cookies will help to make their wishes come true and bring to life their favourite fairy tale character.

Each party is special and as unique as each of the children.  We can cater to any little princesses needs! Some of our Princesses are even professional singers!

We can adapt our parties to any theme and the boys love our parties just as much as the girls. We often do Princess& Pirate, Princess & Superhero, Dinosaur and Jungle, Fireman Sam We offer many different characters. Just call or email to ask what ones we do.

To compliment your basic party each Princess, Pirate, Fairy, Mermaid, Superhero or Prince or Mascot costs just £20 each.



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